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A Unique Operating Model

Marion Middle School Year 7 - 9

Temple Christian College Marion Middle School

Sunrise Christian School at Marion is operating in partnership with Temple Christian College to further strengthen our Reception to Year 12 pathway of education, offering families an authentic Christian community to develop students into their full God gifted potential.

This deliberate collaboration between sister schools (which commenced during 2019) has created a unique operating model that enables students to develop personally, spiritually and academically within the context of the genuine Christian nurture enjoyed at both Mile End and Marion campuses.

For students and families attending Sunrise Christian School Marion, the pathway for excellence in Christ centred education is as follows:

• Primary School - Reception to Year 6 - Sunrise Christian School Marion
• Middle School - Year 7 to Year 9 - Temple Christian College – Marion Middle School
• Senior School – Year 10 to Year 12  - Temple Christian College – Mile End Campus

Our Middle School Team

One of the great features of operating our Middle School within the Marion Sunrise Christian School is the opportunity to work with and alongside the Sunrise community of teaching and administration staff already established within the facility.

Our Middle School Benefits

Operating alongside its primary sibling, the Temple Christian College Marion Middle School provides students and families with all the benefits of the Temple Christian College experience while building upon the legacy of the Sunrise Christian School High School at Marion.

Providing a school size context that offers families something different to the Mile End and Paralowie Campuses, our Marion Middle School (Year 7 to 9) operates as a small, single stream school environment consistent with its previous Sunrise Christian High School identity.

For many of our existing and potential new families, this smaller, more intimate setting becomes the preferred choice as it supports a number of desired outcomes:

• Having a smaller number of students within each year level helps individuals feel more comfortable and in control of their daily routines, and a smaller overall cohort facilitates the sense of family, with each individual being well known by both staff members and peers.
• Extending the smaller school setting during the middle school years helps to promote the readiness and maturity for some students to be able to cope with the rigours of the Senior Years from 10 to 12
• Maintaining the convenience of a regular school transport routine from primary school to middle school helps students strengthen their time management skills as they balance their growing workloads in and out of school.

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God




Temple Christian College is a Year 7 to 12+ Christian, co-educational school operating over several campuses within the state. The Mile End Campus is located just under 4km from the city centre. The Paralowie campus is nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs and the new Marion Middle School is located within Sunrise Christian School Marion.

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