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Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

Temple Christian College has a strong culture of wellbeing which is underpinned by our strong Christian values and understanding of what it is to be the body of Christ. We believe that the social and emotional wellbeing of each individual student is key to educating the whole person in pursuing personal excellence.

A mentally fit student is more likely to learn and be successful. Temple Christian College, TCC students strive for excellence in all aspects of life, from the classroom to extracurricular activities and into the wider community. They are not afraid to take risks to better themselves and our world.

We know there are strong links between student learning and wellbeing, and we pride ourselves on being a safe, supportive, inclusive and connected school where the wellbeing of our students remains at the forefront.

At Temple we understand that wellbeing is a mindset that sits at the heart of the school’s culture, practices, and policies, and not a set of standalone programs or interventions. It is the responsibility of all members of the TCC community and the development of effective relationships between all members is at the very heart of the TCC culture of wellbeing.

Wellbeing and Student Support

Under the leadership of the Assistant Principal - Student Development & Wellbeing our Campus Student Mentors work within the school community offering encouragement and support to students, staff and families. The Mentors work within the classroom, in the school yard, attend excursions and camps and also work one-on-one with students. Our school appreciates that sometimes our students may face challenges, as a result of health, social, family, emotional, financial or other issues that arise. To help our students tackle these challenges we have a Counsellor, and a Social Worker. The Counsellor can help students cope with any personal, emotional, behavioural or social difficulties they may be experiencing. Additionally, the Counsellor can help students and families by referring them to the necessary external professionals that may be needed to help a student. Our Social Worker serves as a vital link for students and families to connect with external services that may be required to meet the challenges students may face. The Social Worker acts an important advocate for our students, informing both they, and their families, of the social services available to them. Both our Counsellor and our Social Worker play key roles in contributing towards the

Students and families can reach out to our Student Wellbeing team via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is regularly monitored, and appointments can be made with the relevant Student Mentor, Counsellor or Social Worker. Appointments with the Student Mentors can also be made through the Student Service Office.

What is wellbeing?

Some people suggest it’s happiness, but that seems to fall short. Happiness is a wonderful commodity, but not something which sustains us. Happiness is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master. The world has so often sought happiness above all else, and it does not sustain.

Is it a healthy mental state? We believe that’s certainly an aspect of it, but is it a definition of ‘wellbeing’ or does it help define it?

Wellbeing is the state where your resources are in balance with your challenges. It is a state where the things that we are facing in life; psychologically, socially, physically, are matched by the resources, or capacities we have or have developed in our lives in the same areas.

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When our resources outweigh our challenges, we become stagnant and unfulfilled. For example, a student recently complained that the basketball team they were playing for dominate too much. The student was scoring 30 points a game and winning easily, but ultimately, it was unfulfilling. In this situation the students resources greatly outweighrd the challenges. We go through this in life… we don’t challenge ourselves, we become complacent and sometimes apathetic.

The more common problem we experience is that our challenges outweigh the resources we have. For example:

  • Do we have enough social capital or strong enough social skills to deal with the social challenges that exist every day (friends, family, relationships, colleagues)?
  • Do we invest enough time and discipline into our physical and mental health to deal with the challenges of life? 

It also needs to be remembered that sometimes the challenges we face are such that we simply cannot cope with them ourselves (in fact I’d suggest this is the case most of the time) and we need people – community - to help us balance the wellbeing pendulum.

Our Vision

We believe in every students’ ability to achieve all they can and want to achieve.

To help guide this idea we have developed a wellbeing vision which gives a wellbeing framework to every area of our school. “To see students equipped and empowered to deal with life’s challenges, and given the opportunity to develop agency and resilience as part of a true community, all for the glory of God”.

This vision does not apply to wellbeing as a department or set of programs that work alongside curriculum, but indeed understands that every part of school will influence a person’s wellbeing, and thus this vision seeks to be instructive for every decision we make to see a young person’s wellbeing at the core of who they are

  • We pray the subjects and programs offered help our students to become intrinsically motivated learners. Not motivated solely through incentive, but a desire to make the world around them a better place.
  • We pray that students are given the greatest opportunity to explore who they are, what they love, how to do it and then given the opportunity TO do it.
  • We pray our students do not shirk challenge, but instead embrace the richness of life in challenges and hardship and use these opportunities to grow and develop themselves.
  • We pray our students develop an appreciation for the little things in life, the glory of God’s creation, the beauty of community and a true love for all His people.
  • We pray in all these things that God will be given glory above all else.

Our Student Support Team

Laurie Rundle Temple Christian CollegePeter Jeffree
Assistant Principal - Student Development & Wellbeing
farley briggsv4Elia Madrid
Head of Student Development
Simon Bradke Temple Christian CollegeVictor Claye
Student Mentor
Lisien Lenares Temple Chrsitain CollegeJames Sprason
Student Mentor
Lisien Lenares Temple Chrsitain CollegeKaren Vander Veen
Student Mentor

Also joining our team for 2024, we welcome:
Susan Mahachi – Counsellor
Nathaniel Hodgson - Social Worker

Supportive Resources

Below is a list of supportive resources that we recommend:




Raising Childrens Network

Lifeline 1311 14

Suicide Call Back Service 1300 659 467
Suicide Call Back Service

Beyond Blue 1300 221 636
Beyond Blue



Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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