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The Rite Journey - Year 9

Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

Temple Christian College is once again excited to be supporting The Rite Journey program to our Year 9 students. For over 15 years The Rite Journey has been providing unique educational programs in schools and organisations designed to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults.

The Rite Journey Logo 3.pngWe recognise that adolescence can be a challenging time for our young people. They must navigate the tension between a biblical world view and a complex secular contemporary youth culture; a culture strongly influenced by the pervasive online world where positive public role models are hard to find. Our teenagers are bombarded with a range of conflicting messages from the media, social-networks and peers, about what it means to be an adult and how to find their place in the world.

Young people yearn to prove that they are ready to be adults and find themselves creating their own initiations into adulthood. This period of transition from childhood to adulthood can be characterised by a sense of ‘lost-ness’ or lack of purpose.

The Rite Journey program partners with families in helping our students navigate these complexities as they journey to becoming the adults God has created them to be. Through class activities, discussions, challenges, a mentoring program, and the Year 9 camp, we seek to equip and empower students to be confident, purpose-driven and faith-filled young men and women.

Each stage of the journey is marked by a memorable event to honour the student’s transition into young adulthood. The role of parents and other significant role models in this process is fundamental and we look forward to being able to resource families with all the necessary information required to support this program here on this page.

Available below is a copy of the 2022 The Rite Journey Handbook which provides an outline of the communication available to support all parents and families with students in Year 9 participating in the Rite Journey Program:

The Rite Journey 2023 Parent Handbook

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