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Our Drama Program

Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

Drama is compulsory at Year 8, an elective option at Year 9 and 10 and then becomes an option to study as a core subject in Year 11 and 12. At junior levels, students are taught the art of effective verbal communication, improvisation, movement, gesture, characterisation, script-reading and analysis through a variety of theatre games, group activities and class exercises. 

At all Year levels, the focus is on fostering creativity, self-confidence, imagination, communication skills, problem solving ability, self-discipline, trust, accountability, social awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

In Drama, students enjoy a rich and varied performance programme, ranging from small group presentations, to Junior and Senior performance nights, to the annual Senior School Drama Production held in an off-site professional theatre environment, where students can choose to specialise in on-stage performing, costume, hair and make-up design, set, lighting, sound and front-of-house design, dramaturgy, script-writing, direction, publicity and marketing, and stage management.

Attendance at professional theatre and film productions and opportunities to work with industry professionals are highlights of the Drama programme. Emphasis is placed on the enjoyment found in new experiences, the exploration of artistic processes and development of specific skills, with a focus on both broad participation and a high degree of artistic and academic excellence.

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