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Our Extra Curricular Services

Paralowie Campus Year 7 – 12+

At Temple Christian College we believe in the importance of encouraging students to find their own expression of service within the school community. As students journey their way through middle and senior school they are provided with a number of opportunities.

School Prefects
Every year, Temple Christian College selects and empowers a group of Year 12 students as School Prefects. Leaders and role models to their peers, students who accept the role of Prefect accept all the responsibility associated with this esteemed role, modelling servant leadership and acting as chief ambassadors of the school in a number of settings. At the commencement of each year, the Prefects travel to Canberra to take part in the Student Leadership Conference which draws together student leaders from all over Australia.

House Leaders
Open to students from Years 9 to 12, House Leaders are elected by their peers to lead their house in school house activities and competitive events that take place during the year. Events such as Inter-House Swimming Carnival, Athletics Day and Cross Country. House Leaders have the opportunity to work with house staff to organise events that facilitate fellowship and relationship building within the school community.

Music & Sports Captains
Each year the positions of Music & Sports Captains are held by students undertaking Year 12 and specialists in their respective subject field. Their role is to support the Faculty and give leadership to other students involved in their specialised school programs. Nominations for these positions are undertaken while the students are in Year 11.

Student Service Council
The Student Service Council SSC, is open to students across all year levels. Elected by their peers, the students within the council help to lead the school in a 'helps' ministry role.

CSI Award
The Temple Christian College CSI Award has been developed to recognize and encourage Christian Character, Service and Christ like influence in our students. As a Christ-centered community we believe that out of our growth in character comes the need to develop in the area of service and finally God has called each one of us to be a person of Godly influence. There are three levels of CSI Awards each presented with a corresponding badge to signify the level attained: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Temple Youth
A student led youth group, Temple Youth meet weekly during lunchtime periods. Overseen by the Student Mentors and working alongside the Youth Leaders, this groups is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore and encourage each other through a variety of activities.

Temple Bible Study
A student led group with the support of the Student Mentors and Student Leaders, this group meets regularly to encourage each other in their Christian faith through studying God’s word and leaning how to apply I to their everyday lives.

Certificates & Awards

At Temple Christian College we believe in the importance of being able to acknowledge and celebrate student’s efforts in a number of areas including: character, attitude, service, endeavour and academic. Every year, Merit Certificates and Awards are given out throughout the life of the school which include:

Attitude Merit 

Academic Achievement Merit

Subject Prizes

Academic Dux of the School

The Alex Cibi Award – Recognising students who are encouragers of others

The Daniel Award – Recognising students who display the Character of Daniel in the Bible (Pursuing excellence for the glory of God)

Character, Service & Influence Award

The Nick Champion Leadership & Teamwork Award

Zoe Bettison Most Improved Award

ADF Long Tan Leadership & Teamwork Award

The ACC Missions Award

The Good Fellowship Award

The Principal’s Leadership Award

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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