Our School Planner

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

All students attending Temple Christian College receive a new School Planner at the start of every school year which they will use on a day to day basis. This practical, spiral bound, A4 book features a functional full year’s diary in addition to a summary of all the key information and details that students and their families need throughout the year including; school map, campus timetable, teaching staff contacts, consent forms and school guidelines.

 All students are responsible for keeping their planner in good order and for taking it to all daily classes with the exception of Physical Education (PE).

School Planners are to be taken home at the end of each day. For Year Levels 7 to 10, the planner is to be sighted and signed by a parent/guardian on a weekly basis. Practical and informative, the School Planner helps students and their parents/guardians plan and prepare for the year ahead. Sections within the planner include:

  • Weekly Diary with space to record homework, assignments, academic results, letters to and from teachers, excursions and first aid 
  • School Policy and Daily Expectation information 
  • Staff Contact details 
  • Campus Timetable 
  • Forward Planners, Calendars, Collection pocket 
  • Weekly devotional

2019 Temple Christian College School Planner

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

  • 2 Henley Beach Road, Mile End, SA, 5031
  • Phone: (08) 8405 0900
  • Email: mileend@tcc.sa.edu.au
  • Student Services Office Phone: (08) 8405 0911
  • Absentee & Late Notice Notification Text ONLY: 0429 371 508