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Our Registration Process

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

Here at Temple Christian College we recognise the importance you place on choosing the right School for your son or daughter and are here to provide you with all the necessary information and support you need to consider, evaluate and finalise your child’s secondary education. We invite you to contact us for a printed copy of our Prospectus and an Application for Enrolment Form by completing the online request form or by calling our Registrar on 08 8405 0900 during school hours.

Request a Prospectus

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Thank you for considering Temple Christian College Mile End Campus. 

It is our pleasure to provide you with a copy of our Prospectus Book, which we trust will form a solid foundation for your journey of discovery and evaluation.

Please note:
We have temporarily removed our Prospectus Book Enquiry Form to facilitate an update to our online Enrolment Process.

If you would like to receive a copy of our Prospectus Book, please contact our Registrar as per the contact details below and we will provide you with access to either a physical or digital version.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 8405 0900

Mile End Campus is a 'Closed Enrolment' School

Passionate about working with young people and enabling them to be all that God wants, we offer a very diverse curriculum catering for the needs of a wide range of students. With Christ at the centre of our lives and of this School, we rely on him and the guidance of His Holy Spirit and His Word and we pray that God bless you and help you as you seek Him in this decision.

As an extension of the home and the Christian church, our passion here at Temple Christian College is to partner with parents and caregivers to provide a safe and encouraging Christian community that supports each student’s personal development. 

As one of the few 'closed enrolment' schools within the state, we believe in the importance of regular Church fellowship and for this reason, if you are considering Temple Christian College Mile End Campus for your child/rens educational pathway, we will ask that you provide your local Church details with a Pastoral Reference as part of the Application Form.

Prior to completing the application process, we invite you to read and consider our Aims & Philosophies, Statement of Faith and Privacy Policy which will form part of the Application for Enrolment process.

The Process for Enrolment

1. Collection of information
The website contains valuable information regarding all aspects of life here at Temple Christian College and will help you start to formulate a general overview.

If you would like to receive a printed copy of the Temple Christian College Prospectus or have specific questions that you would like answered, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08 8405 0900 or complete the online request form.

2. Completion of the Enrolment Form
If you believe that Temple Christian College is a prospective option for your child/ren then we invite you to complete an Application for Enrolment Form (that forms part of the Prospectus Pack) or download a copy as attached below and forward this to us on completion. 

3. Acknowledgement Letter
Once the Application for Enrolment has been received and processed, the School Registrar will send you a letter to acknowledge receipt and to advise you on the following steps:

For students commencing in the current or following year, the letter will ask you to contact the school to book an Enrolment Interview appointment and Campus Tour with the Campus Principal.

For students commencing in future years, the letter will outline a number of available options regarding the timing for the Enrolment Interview which can take place either immediately or within the 12 month period prior to the student’s commencement date.

4. Interview and letter of offer
At the conclusion of the interview and consideration process, an offer will be made by the Campus Principal to prospective families for their consideration. Once an offer has been accepted and a bond payment received, a student’s position within the school is secured.

Download an Application for Enrolment

If you are already familiar with the school and wish to commence the enrolment process, we invite you to print and complete the Application for Enrolment Form below and forward it to the School's Registrar as per the following address:

The Registrar
Temple Christian College
2 Henley Beach Road
Mile End SA 5031

  Application for Enrolment Form - Mile End Campus

  Payment Options Form - Enrolment Application Fee - Mile End Campus




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