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Our Orientation Process

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

This Orientation page and information contained within has been developed to provide all students and families new to Temple Christian College with access to key information that will greatly assist with the transition into a new school.

Preparing for Life at Temple Christian College

On behalf of all the team at Temple Christian College we’d like to extend a warm welcome and trust that your experiences with the Temple Community will be richly blessed. We trust that you find this information of value and ask that you do not hesitate to reach out to us via the Reception office should you have any additional questions or concerns.


Orientation Day is a special event developed specifically for new students entering Temple Christian College at the start of the 2021 school year in Year levels 7 & 8. This year, Orientation Day will be held on Wednesday 25 November commencing at 8.30am.

Orientation Morning Program: 
The Orientation morning duration will be 8.30am to 12 noon.

• Students attending will be released to go back to their current school around lunchtime
• Students attending the Orientation morning have been asked to wear their current school sports (PE) uniform
• On arrival, students attending the Orientation program will need to enter the school through the foyer at the main entrance to the School on James Congdon Drive and directed through to the Plaza 
• Students will be met by teaching staff who will assist them to register their attendance, receive their name badge, information and direct them through to the Assembly area
• At the conclusion of the Assembly teaching staff will lead students to various activities 
• Morning tea will be provided during a scheduled recess break to students
• The student program will conclude at 12 noon

Orientation Day Support Material:

Letter to Parents for 2021 Orientation Day


Completing the necessary forms
Prior to commencing a new school year at Temple Christian College, all new students will be issued with a New Student Enrolment Pack that will contain all of the necessary information and forms that need to be completed. Families with student commencing Term 1 in 2021 will be issued with this information pack by early November 2020 and will be required to complete and return all forms to the school no later than Orientation Day – 26 November so that preparations can be finalised.

Obtaining the Year Level Book requirements
This information pack will also contain the student’s Year level Book List (as issued by Campion). It is important that all students obtain the necessary books as identified within this list prior to the commencement of the new school year either through Campion or other providers.

Obtaining the official School Uniform
All new students will be required to commence their new school year at Temple Christian College with the correct school uniform. The New Student Enrolment Pack along with the Uniform Campus website page features extensive information along with the latest Uniform Price List and Uniform Shop trading days and times. Personal fitting appointments can be arranged with the School Uniform Shop Manager as per the contact details online.

Support Material:

2021 School Uniform Price List

Day 1 program for Monday 1 February 2021: 

• Students should arrive at school by 8.25am in their official Temple Christian College Summer Uniform which includes traditional black, leather, lace-up school shoes
• The Blazer can be worn but is not required
• Students must ensure that they have their hat with them on the first day of school
• Students will enter via the main Reception Foyer, James Congdon Drive entrance, where they will be welcomed and further directed by Staff
• Students will attend a general Assembly before heading off to Care Group
• During the morning Care Group, House and Year Level meetings will occur
• The School Planner will be issued and explained and locker allocation occurs so that students can store their books and stationary items 
• Students will be given a tour of the School to help familiarise them with the ‘lay-of-the-land’
• Student Services Staff will be on hand to assist with any questions and older students will act as buddies
• The fist school day will conclude at 3pm

Special Note – Parents/guardians must advise the school via the Reporting Absences and or Late arrivals process as outlines within the Parent Handbook or on the Campus website if the student is going to be absent or late on the first day of 2021.

Support Material:

To be confirmed


Parent Handbook
All new students at Temple Christian College will receive a Parent Handbook providing helpful insights into the life of the School and the day to day operations. The 2021 Parent Handbook will be made available towards the end of Term 4, 2020.

Video Support Material:

To be confirmed


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