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Our Education

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

Temple Christian College offers Dance as part of the curriculum from Years 9 -12 which includes SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 Dance. Students are trained by highly experienced teachers in a variety of genres. Our dance space has sprung floors and is equipped with a full wall of mirrors, barres and sound system.

With a state-wide reputation in Drama, the subject is compulsory at Year 8, an elective option at Year 9 and 10 and then becomes an option to study as a core subject in Year 11 and 12.  At all Year levels, the focus is on fostering creativity, self-confidence, imagination, communication skills, problem solving ability, self-discipline, trust, accountability, social awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

At Temple Christian College the Visual Arts are supported with well-structured teaching and learning activities that provide all students with opportunities to develop their personal capabilities in the areas of creativity, knowledge, innovation, awareness and practical skills. Consistent with the Australian Curriculum, students from Year Levels 7 & 8 begin to participate in structured art, craft and design lessons which can lead to specialised selections during the senior years of 11 and 12.

Media Arts at Temple Christian College is a subject area that has been growing in popularity over a number of years. Recognising the benefit that media skills can offer students, Temple was one of the first schools to embrace teaching videography across the senior curriculum. 

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God

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