Our Dance Program

Mile End Campus Year 7 – 12+

Temple Christian College offers Dance as part of the curriculum from Years 9 -12 which includes SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 Dance. Students are trained by highly experienced teachers in a variety of genres. Our dance space has sprung floors and is equipped with a full wall of mirrors, barres and sound system.

Our Dance curriculum includes studies in Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz and Contemporary dance genres, composition, human physiology, dance theory and analysis. Students in each year level are trained in a particular genre each semester to strengthen their knowledge and understanding as Dance as a creative art form.

They are then encouraged to create their own dance works with further opportunities to perform all dance works to live audiences. Dance theory is an important component where students research, analyse and evaluate genres, dance pioneers and other cultures to deepen their insight into the development of dance. Students also reflect upon their studies to determine its impact on their own compositions.

Dance Curriculum Temple Christian College

There are 2 main performances each year where students will have after school rehearsals on the 2 preceding days; Tuesday till 8pm and Wednesday till 6pm.
- The first is our Senior Dance Performance held Thursday Week 4 of Term 3.
- The second is our Cabaret Night held on Thursday Week 4 of Term 4.

The advantage of having our own performance space on campus enables students to rehearse on the stage where they will be examined under a full array of theatre lighting.

Students attend a variety of live dance performances throughout the year to broaden their understanding and appreciation of creative expression through Dance.

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