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Thank you for visiting our Online Learning page. This resource has been developed to provide students, parents and carers with all the latest information relating to the Online Learning program as it comes to hand.

Temple Christian College is once again excited to be supporting The Rite Journey program to our Year 9 students. For over 15 years The Rite Journey has been providing unique educational programs in schools and organisations designed to support the development of self-aware, responsible, respectful, resilient and resourceful adults.

At Temple Christian College we offer an exciting and broad range of subjects (STEM inclusive) in our Middle School programme ensuring that all students have access to a thorough preparation for study at Year Levels 11 and 12. During the second semester in Year 10, all students wishing to complete their SACE certificate participate in a programme of preparation for the selection of courses required for Stages One and Two. Details relating to the full schedule of compulsory and elective subjects offered within the Middle School Years can be accessed via the Curriculum Handbook featured within this section.

With its well developed and highly effective transitional program, Year 7 at Temple Christian College has been preparing students for their high school journey, for over 10 years. Passionate about nurturing each student to grow into their God gifted abilities, the year 7 program takes a holistic approach across all aspects of a student’s developmental needs.

At Temple Christian College students have the ability to follow a number of different pathways (SACE, ATAR and VET) as they journey through their senior years. From Year 10 we offer a programme of preparation in Semester Two for the selection of courses in Stages One and Two of the South Australian Achievement of Education (SACE). Within subject’s students are advised of options for SACE studies and courses beyond Stage Two of the SACE. In addition, Temple offers a programme of Course Counselling involving students, parents, subject teachers and course counsellors.

Primarily the Diverse Learning Department works with those students at the extremities of the learning spectrum; those requiring additional support and those needing extensions. At Temple Christian College we acknowledge that students do not all have the same needs when it comes to learning. In any class, the abilities of students as learners will vary and it is our passion to work with students, teachers & parents to promote the inclusion of all students in school activities, both in and out the classroom.

Through their journey at Temple Christian College students will participate in a number of organised camps and excursions. Parents will receive comprehensive information prior to each of these event from the teachers involved and often copies of this information will be published online. The Student Planner contains an annual consent form which will be signed at the start of each New Year to cover the majority of excursions scheduled.

At Temple, our aim is to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for both staff and students through a whole range of different activities incorporating our Sport & Physical Education Curriculum. The structured Curriculum offered at Temple Christian College covers the following Year Levels; Compulsory PE in Years 7 to 9, Elective PE available from Year 10, Specialist PE - Sport & Recreation available in Year 11 and Specialist PE – Integrated Learning – Sports Focus available in Year 12.

The Performing Arts are a much valued and vibrant part of the life and experience of Temple Christian College. We believe that The Arts, in all its forms, are a gift from God and encourages the holistic development of our students. At Temple Christian College all students have the privilege of participating in drama, dance, musicals, choirs, a myriad of music ensembles, praise and worship teams, and audio-visual production, through which their creativity, imagination, and skills are fostered in a caring environment within a Christian framework.

The Music Department at Temple Christian College offers its students a diverse range of opportunities, both within a classroom and extra-curricular context to express their interest and participation in music.

Temple Christian College offers Dance as part of the curriculum from Years 9 -12 which includes SACE Stage 1 and Stage 2 Dance. Students are trained by highly experienced teachers in a variety of genres. Our dance space has sprung floors and is equipped with a full wall of mirrors, barres and sound system.

With a state-wide reputation in Drama, the subject is compulsory at Year 8, an elective option at Year 9 and 10 and then becomes an option to study as a core subject in Year 11 and 12.  At all Year levels, the focus is on fostering creativity, self-confidence, imagination, communication skills, problem solving ability, self-discipline, trust, accountability, social awareness and aesthetic appreciation.

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