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The Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) Award programme is about challenging individuals to step outside their comfort zone and actively engage with and contribute to their community. Participants work to develop skills, become physically active, serve others and take themselves into unfamiliar environments and settings. Through challenging participants, the program helps participants learn more about themselves, develop their character, and refine them into better, well-rounded and more resilient young people.



Participant Registration Instructions

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Bronze and Silver Planning document

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Assessor Code of Conduct

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Required to be acknowledged and signed by an activity assessor to demonstrate their willingness and suitability to oversee the completion of a chosen activity, and to outline their responsibilities to the Award participant.

Completing the Bronze award instructions

Instructions on how to finalise and formally complete the Bronze Award.
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DUKE OF ED PowerPoint

An overview of the benefits of the Award and how it works, including useful examples.
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DoE Handbook

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A detailed guide to participating in and understanding the Award.

Providing Evidence – Example

A student example of the type of evidence that needs to be shown to the Award Leader (Mr. Lang) every 4 weeks, where a suitable activity assessor (e.g. sports coach, instrumental tutor, church leader, etc.) is not available.

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