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Our Enrolment Process

Marion Middle School Year 7 - 9

Our Registration Process

At Temple Christian College we acknowledge that the responsibility of raising children, including the provision of their formal education, is entrusted to parents by God. We recognise, therefore, that the decision about which secondary school will best partner with you in executing this trust is vitally important.

To facilitate this decision, we are here to provide you with all the information and support necessary to evaluate how Temple Christian College Marion Middle School might factor into your child’s secondary journey.

Temple Christian College also believes that all education is conducted in the context of a foundational belief about reality and knowledge. That context at our school is the Christian faith. We believe that the integrity of our partnership with parents and the authenticity with which we deliver on our commitments to them entails a shared faith understanding that has to be more than nominal if it is to be coherent.

For this reason, the application process does involve filling in a form which requires details of the Christian church attended by the applying family.

We invite you to contact us for a copy of our Prospectus, a document which includes much more information about the aims and philosophies of the school, and an Application for Enrolment Form by calling our Marion Middle School Office on 08 8465 6004 during school hours.

Our Fee Information

As independent schools, our primary sources of income are from the Government and from school fees. Each year the School Board reviews and sets the level of the school fees required to enable the school to provide quality Christian education for all students.

As the Temple Christian College Marion Middle School operates from within the heart of the Marion Sunrise Christian School, enrolment for Year Levels 7 to 9 will be subject to the Sunrise Christian School Fee Structure.
Sunrise Christian School offers a tiered Fee Schedule with the possibility of Fee Assistance where eligible. Click below to view the 2022 Sunrise Christian School Fee Structure.

  2022 Sunrise Christian School Fee Schedule

  2022 Sunrise Christian School Fee Information

Our Scholarship Program

Temple Christian College Scholarships for 2025 Entry

Welcome to all families who are interested in applying for a Temple Christian College Scholarship for the school year commencing 2025.
Please refer to the information provided below with regards to the ACER Scholarship process.

ACER Scholarship for 2025 Entry

Temple Christian College is currently offering scholarships for Year 7 entry in 2025.

This opportunity is available through The Robson Academic Scholarships with access via the Australian Cooperative Entry Program 2024 ACER Scholarship Test.
The 2024 scholarship test will apply to students who will be entering Temple Christian College at Year 7 in 2025.

To be eligible for a Year 7 Scholarship in 2025, students will need to register their interest in 2023 while they are in Year 5 so that they can sit for the scholarship at the beginning of 2024, the start of Year 6.

Full information regarding Temple Christian College Scholarships can be located on the Mile End Campus Website via the Scholarships link. Please click on the link below to learn more.

    Temple Christian College Scholarship Program 

Our Enrolment Process

Enrolment for Temple Christian College Marion Middle School is an important process for you, your child and for the school. Whether your child is transitioning directly from Year 6 or you are entering the Middle School from another school or state, our aim is to make the enrolment process as simple and hassle-free as possible through the following steps:

Step 1 – Attend a Principal Tour and view the Marion Middle School facilities

Hosted by the school Principal (Henry Engelbrecht), Principal Tours offer the perfect window to see the day-to-day life of the school up close. Please complete the following online form to register your interest for a Principal Tour of the Temple Christian College Marion Middle School facilities.

  Click here to complete an online registration  for a Principal Tour

Step 2 – Request an Information Pack or pick one up on the School Tour

The Temple Christian College websites (Marion Middle School and Mile End Campus) contain valuable information regarding all aspects of life here at Temple Christian College, helping you to begin formulating a general overview. If you would like to receive a printed copy of the Temple Christian College Prospectus or have specific questions that you would like answered we encourage you to request a copy online via the link below or contact the school directly on 08 8465 6004.

  Click here to request a Temple Christian College Prospectus Pack

Step 3 – Complete the enrolment application form

If you are new to the Marion Sunrise Christian School and believe that Temple Christian College is a prospective option for your child/ren, we invite you to complete an Application for Enrolment Form. This can be completed via the online application for enrolment form below or by contacting the administration office at the school.

 Click here to complete the online application for enrolment form to enter Temple Christian college Marion Middle School

Step 4 – Attend an application interview with our Principal

Once the Application for Enrolment has been received and processed, the School Registrar will call you to organise an interview with the Principal.

Step 5 – Position offered and secured

Upon acceptance of your child’s enrolment at Sunrise Christian School Marion, a $200 High School Confirmation Bond will be required to hold your position. This fee will be reimbursed to you at the completion of your child’s education at Temple Christian College.

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God




Temple Christian College is a Year 7 to 12+ Christian, co-educational school operating over several campuses within the state. The Mile End Campus is located just under 4km from the city centre. The Paralowie campus is nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs and the new Marion Middle School is located within Sunrise Christian School Marion.

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