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Our Online Learning Program

Marion Middle School Year 7 - 10

Thank you for visiting our Online Learning page. This resource has been developed to provide students, parents and carers with all the latest information relating to the Online Learning program as it comes to hand.

Important Announcement – Effective Thursday 7 May 2020

Staff & student to return to school from Monday 11th May – Week 3

Temple Christian College is encouraging as many students as possible to return to school for the start of Week 3.

Commencing Monday 11th May 2020
• All staff will be onsite at the school and teaching from their class spaces
• All staff will return to the normal timetable which will apply to all students (including those working from home)
• Students onsite will move to their usual classes for all lessons
• Teachers will still use the online materials and resources as planned for week 3 but will also have the flexibility to begin face to face teaching

Commencing Monday 18th May 2020
• From the start of Week 4, Monday, May 18, the Online Learning Program will end
• All students are expected to be back at school attending regular lessons
• From this point forward, teachers will no longer be connecting directly with students that are offsite during lesson times
• Teachers will return to face to face in class teaching at all Year Levels
• Parents will need to inform the school if their children are working from home
• Students working from home from week 4 onwards, will need to refer to SEQTA

Information, Updates & Supportive Resources - The Online Learning Program

The Temple Christian College Online Learning model was developed in response to the Government’s initial directives to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus by facilitating students working from home.

This Online Learning model initiated at the end of Term 1, took full flight commencing at the beginning of Term 2, 2020 for the first few weeks as the school prepared for the transition back to in class, face to face teaching. This model provided all students with a viable vehicle in which to continue their educational goals from the safety of their own home.

During this designated time frame for online learning, students physically present onsite were able to engage in the same online learning process as students working from home. Onsite staff supervision was provided for these students at school during the time that they were not able to be in their usual classroom with their usual teacher.

We trust that the information contained within this page will provide the necessary updates and practical support needed to maximise the effectiveness of the Online Learning program. Please do not hesitate to contact the school via the Administration Office should you have any questions or concerns.

Latest Updates:

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Content Summary

Getting Started - Important Student Information
  • What you need to get started
  • The Online Timetable
  • Online Procedures & Expectations 
Social Distancing 
  • Expectations - Students & Staff


Latest Updates:

Access the PDF Contents Summary
Important Parent Information
  • Introduction
  • The Online Timetable
  • Changes to school notifications
  • Online Procedures & Expectations
nbn - COVID-19 Education Relief Package
  • Information - nbn is working with internet providers to connect low- income families with home-schooling needs


Latest Updates:

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Helpdesk Contact Information
  • How to contact the Temple Christian College ICT Helpdesk
Installation Guide
  • Install Team Viewer & Zoom
Installation Help
  • Extra information to install Team Viewer & Zoom
  • Getting Started & Using SEQTA Learn Software
How to access a SEQTA Forum
  • Instructions & Poster
How to access a Task Sheet & submit an Assessment
  • Instructions & Poster
How to access an Online Lesson
  • Instructions & Poster
How to access Email
  • Instructions & Poster


Latest Updates:

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Announcement regarding Term 2 - 24 April
  • From the Principal
Announcement - 30 March
  • From the Assistant Principal
Announcement - 26 March
  • From the Principal


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