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Our Middle School Activities

Marion Middle School Year 7 - 9

Our Sporting Activities

Life at Temple Christian College offers students an extensive selection of sporting opportunities throughout the school year outside of the official Physical Education Curriculum. Through both internal and external carnivals and sporting competitions, students have the ability to develop and maintain their personal fitness and wellbeing while enjoying the benefits of team sports.

The Marion campus has an excellent reputation for its sporting culture, having established a record of focused preparation, high team espirit de corps and consistent, regular additions to the trophy cabinet, notably in Athletics.

Our Camps & Excursions

Through their journey at Temple Christian College students will participate in a number of organised camps and excursions. Parents will receive comprehensive information prior to each of these events from the teachers involved.

Camps are a very important part of the Temple Christian College life and are conducted by a professional company with experienced Outdoor Ed Leaders who work with both the staff and students to ensure maximum learning and protection at all times.

All Temple Christian College Year Level camps are age and stage of life appropriate. Students attending our Marion Middle School in 2021 will participate in the following: 

  • Year 7 & 8 - An aquatics camp at Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsular (September 22 – 24)
  • Year 9 - The Rite Journey camp on the Fleurier, Pennisular (September 20 - 23)
  • Year 10 - A camp at Mylor in the Adelaide Hills, featuring a wide range of activities and challenges (February 9 - 12)

Our Mission Trips

Temple Christian College has been blessed by God from its inception with a strong Biblical basis for its existence. We believe that every Christian has an individual and corporate responsibility under God to reach the lost, love the unlovable and touch the untouchable and our desire for our students is that they would have opportunities to experience short term mission trips to areas such as Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

A core platform of our vision for Christian Education is for the students to know God and then serve Him. Therefore, an outcome of the process of education in God, is the enabling and development of skills and talents in the students in order that they have a biblical world view, are articulate, intelligent orators of God’s word, are generous givers, and serve Him and others as He leads and guides them to fulfil the plan He has for their lives.

To promote this, Temple Christian College’s mission calling is to help establish schools in third world countries and the sending out of students on short term mission trips. These trips are open to students in Year Levels 10 and 11 from across all Temple Christian College Campuses.

Our Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are a much valued and vibrant part of the life and experience of Temple Christian College. We believe that The Arts, in all its forms, are a gift from God and encourages the holistic development of our students. At Temple Christian College all students have the privilege of participating in a number of performance arts such as drama, dance, musicals, choirs, a myriad of music ensembles, praise and worship teams, and audio-visual production, through which their creativity, imagination, and skills are fostered in a caring environment within a Christian framework.

The Performing Arts Department at the Mile End Campus place a strong focus on Music Dance and Drama and we look forward to being able to use these resources to further strengthen the Creative Arts program at our Marion Middle School.

Our Music Tuition

Music tuition is available to all students at Temple Christian College, both elective music students and non-music students and is provided by qualified private teachers. Students have the opportunity to showcase their learning at school assemblies and at music concerts held throughout the year.

Our Missions Possible Outreach

In addition to giving our staff and students the opportunity to participate in Mission Trips, Temple Christian College also has a very strong desire to financially support a number of community outreaches and charitable projects. Through active fund raising and giving, we have been able to raise over $68,818 in funds as a school community (Mile End & Paralowie, during 2021) for community outreach projects.

Learn more about Temple Christian College Mission Trips

Mission Possible is the umbrella that covers all missions and outreach activities conducted here at Temple Christian College. It nurtures and encourages the school community to actively engage with the wider community locally, nationally and internationally.

Funds for Mission Possible are raised through casual days, special lunches and a host of other creative ideas generated through the many exciting events and activities hosted throughout the year. We look forward to being able to extend these experiences to our Marion Middle School.

To learn more about the extensive Mission Possible Outreach program please visit out Mile End website and access the Temple Christian College Mission Possible 2022 Newsletter.

Learn more about Temple Christian College Mission Possible

Our Community & Prayer Culture

One of the most significant features of being a member of the Temple Christian College family is the sense of warm welcome and instant belonging that is found in this community. We value our families and friends as an integral support group to the work of the School as we partner with them to educate our students to be a people of influence in our nation.

With ‘Faith in God through Christ’ as our central focus, our passion at Temple Christian College is that we will continue to build an authentic Christian community that enables and empowers our students to grow into responsible young adults, equipped and well prepared for both the rewards and challenges that lie ahead of them. It is our privilege and purpose to commit all that we do to God in prayer through our daily devotions. We feel very blessed to have the support of a dedicated group of parents, teachers and staff who share in this responsibility.

Pursuing excellence for the glory of God




Temple Christian College is a Year 7 to 12+ Christian, co-educational school operating over several campuses within the state. The Mile End Campus is located just under 4km from the city centre. The Paralowie campus is nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs and the new Marion Middle School is located within Sunrise Christian School Marion.

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