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Our Middle School

Marion Middle School Year 7 - 9

Our History

Temple Christian College has been blessed by God from its inception in 1983 with a strong biblical basis for its existence. Under the banner of one leadership we celebrate and encourage the unique life and development of each campus in the knowledge that each of our three locations embrace and represent the fullness of our vision:

  • Marion Middle School - Year 7 to 9 (then transitioning to the Mile End Campus)
  • Mile End Campus – Year 7 to 12
  • Paralowie Campus – Year 7 to 12

As a Christ centered, faith based educational facility, Temple Christian College is proud to offer its students the opportunity to experience life in an authentic Christian community.

Our Governing Body

Together with Sunrise Christian Schools, Temple Christian College operates under the governance and leadership of Adelaide Christian Schools.

Since 1976, the role of Adelaide Christian Schools (ACS) has been to oversee, govern and support a number of schools both in Australia and overseas. These schools are co-educational and have several structures from ELC-7 through to R-12 settings. Currently there are 9 Australian schools under the governance of the ACS inclusive of the Sunrise and Temple Campuses.

Their aim is to provide training in Godly character and in academics from a Biblical perspective.

The schools are governed by a Board with membership comprising individuals with vast experience and expertise from a variety of industry sectors. The Board works closely with Committees and Advisory Groups that have been established in each school community to engage with local leadership at a grass roots level, providing an opportunity for local input and expression.

For more information you are welcome to visit the Adelaide Christian Schools website.

Our Leadership Team

At Temple Christian College we believe that each and every member of our community plays a unique and vital role in the development of our students. We feel very blessed to have on staff a skilled and experienced leadership team who are like minded in their Christian standards and ethos and are passionate in demonstrating a shared set of values that builds upon the strong foundations of the campus.

Working in partnership with the leadership teams from the Mile End and Paralowie Campuses, our leadership team here at the Marion Middle School are united in their commitment towards: an on-going commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, consistent with the Biblical standards of Adelaide Christian Centre:

  • a proven life style founded on Biblical Christian principles.
  • a life that demonstrates the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
  • a willingness to affirm the foundation statements and principles promulgated by the College and ACS.
  • a strong commitment to Christian Education and a determination to serve God in a Christian school community.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

Since the foundation of the school, Temple Christian College has sought to create the opportunity for students to experience life in an authentic Christian community. Unchanged since 1983, our vision ‘Pursuing Excellence for the glory of God’ remains as our core driver in our mission of developing our students in Character, Service and Influence, strengthened from a circle of values that encapsulates faith.

Our Vision - Pursuing Excellence for the glory of God.

Our Mission - It is our desire that we empower students to grow in Christian character, Christian service and to be a Christ-like influence in the school community as well as the wider community.

At Temple, we believe that Christian character is developed through growing in our relationship with God which helps us to grow to be more like Christ in our personal character. Out of this growth in character we develop a heart for His service and seek out opportunities whereby we can develop our personal desire to serve.

We believe that we have all been called to have a Godly influence within the school and wider community and we are passionate about growing Godly leaders in our students that will continue to have a marked impact of our society well beyond their school life.

Our Values - At Temple Christian College we place faith at the centre of all that we do. With this faith that is centred on Christ as our Lord and Saviour, our community is built on a circular culture that values: Community, Integrity, Resilience, Creativity, Learning and Empathy.

Our Spiritual Life

At Temple Christian College we are very deliberate in creating opportunities for the development and expression of our faith. Fostering personal growth in spiritual life is a core part of our vision and for this reason campus life at our schools is rich in activities open to the whole school community.

Throughout the school year, staff, students, families and friends have the opportunity to join us in a number of these opportunities including: praise and worship assemblies, Christian Living classes, regular devotions and prayer.

At Temple Christian College we believe that the Holy Scriptures are the inspired word of God. As such, they are infallible. They alone constitute the sole and absolute authority in all matters pertaining to Christian faith and practice. Whatever is not contained therein is not to be declared as an article of faith: To learn more about our Statement of Faith, we invite you to visit our Mile End Website.

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Pursuing excellence for the glory of God




Temple Christian College is a Year 7 to 12+ Christian, co-educational school operating over several campuses within the state. The Mile End Campus is located just under 4km from the city centre. The Paralowie campus is nestled in the heart of the northern suburbs and the new Marion Middle School is located within Sunrise Christian School Marion.

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